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Whether you are looking for information on shipping or would love to know about our values, we got you.

You can contact us here if you haven't found the answers you are looking for below.


15 West
Giesebrechtstraße 15, 10629 Berlin


The House of Drops
Aukštaičių st. 4B, Vilnius
St.Gertrudos st. 51, Kaunas

Avenida da Boavista 740, Porto


We care deeply about our customers so you can trust we are aiming at speedy order processing and response with any issues, but we are also human and need a healthy work-life balance.

We generally ship within 3 business days of your order, but sometimes longer lead times occur. Expected longer shipping time will be visible at the top of our website.

Shipping will be calculated and charged at check-out and depends on the weight of your order and your country. We offer free EU shipping on orders of 150.00 € and above.

Important: For international orders, additional local custom duties and taxes are NOT included in the total amount, and are at the receiver's charge.

We do not accept returns other than for defective or damaged goods upon receipt, or for having been shipped the wrong item(s). We kindly ask you to report the issue to us as soon as possible, and no later than seven days upon reception of your order via email at

Find more information in our Shipping & Returns section

We ship to EU countries and selected international destinations: United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

More international destinations will be available soon.


We are an independent, handcrafted and small-batch perfume company.

MISKEO Parfums is a small business mostly driven by one person. That means Marie not only creates the perfumes, but also compounds, filters, bottles, labels and packs every order.
She also created the branding, does most of the photography, and maintains the website and social media. Be kind to small business owners.

Whilst Marie drive the process, our perfumes are born from the exchange of ideas, input and feedback between Marie (Perfumer) and Pep (Evaluator).

Creating our first collection of four perfumes took around 3 years.

Slight variation in the final product can result from the handcrafted method and batch of material.

We know how sad reformulations are when you are in love with a scent, but sometimes they are unavoidable due to changing regulations or material sourcing. We will inform you of any upcoming changes in advance.


We strive to deconstruct systemic oppression through being supportive of diversity and being inclusive in our approach.

Our fragrances are not gendered. Binary gendering is bs and we firmly believe in wearing what you love, no matter what you've been taught. Our Discovery set is perfect to try our scents without committing to a full bottle if you're not sure.

Whilst our fragrances are gender neutral, we recognize that subverting stereotypes is fun. We highlight which binary gender our perfumes are leaning towards (if any) under the 'How to wear' tab on each product detail page.

The word 'Oriental' and its derivative is not part of our vocabulary, and we pay special attention to decolonize the language we use in general.
Visit Scent Festival to be an agent of change yourself.

We comply as best we can with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standard.
We are happy to receive your feedback here and fix the issue if you find non-compliant items.

Generally, you'll find us caring for nature and the planet's welfare, and supporting Women's rights (and Femme-presenting), LGBTQIA+, Black Lives Matters and Asian Lives Matters.


We aim for transparency and sustainability in our practice, in line with EU regulations and science.

Our perfumes and products are made of natural and synthetic ingredients, and you can see the proportion for each type of materials on the product detail page.

Being based in Europe, we follow IFRA guidelines and respect EU regulations (probably the strictest in the world for cosmetics) when it comes to health and safety of our products. We do not wrongly use claims to appear more virtuous or do some green/clean-washing.

If you are prone to allergies and sensitivities, please do a small patch test on your skin before spraying all over.

Since no copyright laws protect the work of perfumers, we don't disclose our full ingredient list publicly but we're happy to provide people with sensitivities and allergies with specific information regarding materials upon request by contacting us here.

We use as little plastic and packaging as feasible, and prefer recycled and biodegradable materials whenever possible. Our caps are made of polypropylene, as are some part of our pumps.

In our practice, there are little ways around using disposable plastic such as gloves and pipettes, but we avoid unnecessary waste as much as possible, for example by using pipette caps on our raw material bottles or ordering in bulk to reduce emissions and packaging.

We sometimes use animal by-products such as beeswax, ambergris and hyraceum, but never materials that results in harming or killing animals. We provide clear indications when products are not suitable for vegans under the Good to know accordion on our product pages.


We deeply appreciate that it takes a village to create beautiful products, and we show our respect through our actions.

Artists contributing to our brand are always credited.
The Elements 3D illustrations are from Huseynagha Rasulov and Marie's portraits are by Inma Varandela.

We happily commit to the Perfumery Code of Ethics by disclosing who we give free samples to, by buying from reputable suppliers that respect farmers and producers, and by ackowledging other creators if they inspire our creations.

We believe more transparency and equity is needed in the perfume industry, so we invite you to pledge to the code of ethics and share it in your networks.

Our Story

Learn about MISKEO Parfums and the people behind the scents.

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